CSR 〜Environmental Initiatives〜

Environment line

We always consider the importance of the environment and resources, and exert ourselves in the development of clean logistics systems that are kind to the Earth and the people by means of our logistics service operations. We personally contribute to the preservation and improvement of the global environment.

Basic Policy

We constantly consider the impact on the global environment of global warming, resource depletion, ozonosphere destruction and pollution by means of harmful chemical substances, and promote the following environmental practices.

  1. We promote the following practices in all the processes of our logistics service operations.
    • Advance the development of low environmental burden logistics systems and enhance the quality of business activities.
    • Advance the effective utilization of electric power, gas, oil and water and strive to reduce usage quantities.
    • Endeavour to procure and use ecological materials.
    • Work to reduce, reuse and recycle waste materials.
    • Strive to use cleaner chemical substances.
  2. In addition to establishing environmental goals and targets, we decide and implement improvement programs. We periodically confirm the level of achievement of the environmental targets, conduct reviews as necessary and continuously strive to conserve the environment.
  3. We comply with related legislations, regional agreements, industry standards and customer requirements, and exert ourselves in the management of energy conservation/pollution prevention etc.
  4. We implement education with regards to the environment according to occupational class and level and aim for a thorough environmental policy and qualitatively improved environmental practice.

Bumper recycling

Bumper recycling commenced from 1996

As a link in our environmental program, we are recovering used bumpers from Subaru cars in collaboration with SUBARU.
e recycling procedure for obsolete bumpers is commissioned in batch and the reduction of waste and ecient utilization of resources is promoted. e recycled bumpers are reused for various interior and exterior Subaru vehicle parts, such as the interior materials for trucks.

Bumper recycling

Regional contribution

Social contributions in which we are engaging as a company, and as people

It is the policy of the entire Subaru Group to contribute to society as a corporate citizen.
In addition to a dedication to the “3Rs” (reduce, reuse, recycle) that are the keywords of a recycling-orientated society, we also hold events to facilitate communication with the area and run clean-up activities and the like.

Periphery clean-up activity Support for fundraising campaigns for orphans from automobile accidents Kanayama clean-up activities (Implemented by SUBARU Regional Exchange Group)

Periphery clean-up activity


Support for fundraising campaigns for orphans from automobile accidents


Kanayama clean-up activities
(Implemented by SUBARU Regional Exchange Group)

We carry out clean-up activities around the head office and production base for Subaru cars in Ota, Gunma prefecture, an area from which we are grateful to receive support in our business activities.   In addition to donating as a company, many of our employees have been recognized for using their private time to engage in volunteer activities.   Each year 400 people attend clean-up activities for Kanayama, the symbol of Ota city, working hard to improve the environment and interacting with the people of the region.

Placing value in interpersonal relationships

Subaru Logistics aims to create a friendly and intimate workplace whilst oering a comprehensive welfare program of preferential purchases of Subaru cars and communication assistance etc, and striving to maintain employment and working conditions that give consideration to human rights.