Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

Company Name Subaru Logistics Co., Ltd.
Established July 1, 2004(Unification)
●Subaru Physical Distribution Company (March 27, 1986)
●Subaru K. D. Logistics Co., Ltd. (October 13, 1988)
Capital 96 million yen(wholly owned by SUBARU CORPORATION)
Sales 18.6 billion yen(FY 2020)
Representative Masaki Ookawara, Representative Director, President & CEO
Employees 385: regular: 304, contract/part-time: 81(current as of April 2021)
Offices and PDI Centers Head office (Ota), Parts Center Office, Utsunomiya Office, Handa Office
Kanto PDI Center, Chubu PDI Center, Kansai PDI Center, Kyushu PDI Center
Contents of Business 1.Automobile Logistics Business
(1) Transportation of commodity automobiles
(2) Delivery servicing

2. Parts Logistics Business
(1)KD✻¹ parts packing transport for the United States, and
     Pass-through✻² parts packing and transportation for the United States
(2) Service and Accessoried parts packing transport for domestic and overseas markets
(3) Domestic transport for physical supply, in between factories, import parts, etc
(4) Aircraft parts transport
(5) Inbound and outbound storage management, inspection work, etc., of automobile parts

3. Common Department
(1) Business-wide general quality assurance
(2) General affairs, human resources, safety & health, facility, purchasing,
     corporate planning and information system

✻¹ 「KD」=Abbreviation for knock-down, a manufacturing technique where all the parts of a vehicle are shipped overseas so that it can be completely assembled locally
✻² 「Pass-through」= In order for the local subsidiary of the parts manufacturing company to produce the automobile parts necessary for the local production of SUBARU vehicles, the Japanese parent company supplies the necessary parts and components locally


Mar 1986 Subaru Physical Distribution Company established
Oct 1988 Subaru K. D. Logistics Co., Ltd. established
Jul 2004 Companies combined, Subaru Logistics Co., Ltd. established
Apr 2005 Parts center business commenced
Jan 2008 Utsunomiya division established, Aerospace Company business commenced
Jul 2009 Tohoku PDI Center established
Nov 2009 Saitama Office established, Industrial Products Company business commenced
Apr 2010 Kanagawa DPI Center established
Oct 2010 Handa Office established
Apr 2012 Business transfer operations between Subaru Logistics and Kiryu Kogyo
Aug 2012 Organized Subaru Logistics Labor Union
Nov 2012 Started mass production of CKD to Malaysia
Feb 2013 Acquired ISO14001:2004 certification
Aug 2015 Acquired ISO39001:2012 certification
Feb 2017 Acquired ISO9001:2015 certification/Acquired ISO14001:2015 certification
Apr 2018 Tohoku PDI Center closed
May 2018 Ota PDI Center's New Factory "Kanto PDI Center" start operation annex Accessory Center
Dec 2019 Kanagawa PDI Center closed